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Who can service my brand new car? Keeping my warranty.

July, 2014

New car warranty - do I have to get my car serviced by a main dealer for the warranty to remain valid?


In a nutshell the answer is no but, for some reason, there seems to be considerable confusion among car owners about the servicing requirements for their new car if they want the warranty to remain intact.


So here at Mobile Service Experts we thought it might be a good idea to help put the record straight.


All car manufacturers are bound by EU legislation to offer at least a two-year unlimited mileage new car warranty on all their cars.


BUT and this is the important bit, this does not mean you have to have your car serviced by the manufacturer’s official dealership network for it to remain valid.

A manufacturer cannot refuse to honour a new car warranty just because the vehicle has been serviced elsewhere.


However, it is crucial to remember that the manufacturer does have the right to set a servicing schedule for the car and this must be adhered to for the warranty to stay intact.


In the majority of cases it means servicing must be undertaken on time and if you choose to use a non-dealer garage to carry out the service it must use genuine parts or lubricants as specified by the manufacturer.


It is also best to use a VAT registered business and one that is licensed.

Here at Mobile Service Experts we continually come across people who are forking out hundreds of pounds to get their new car serviced at a main dealer garage because they are worried if they go elsewhere the warranty will no longer be of use.


But it simply isn’t true and here we do the same job but for a lot less money. All our mechanics at Mobile Service Experts are highly trained ex-main dealer technicians and we use parts of genuine quality as standard when servicing all vehicles.


The added bonus of using our mechanics is that they can come to you either at home or your place of work, saving you lots of time, money and hassle having to get your car to a garage.


When you decide to use us it’s simple. We will enter your vehicle registration into our computer system which enables us to access the manufacturer’s service schedule so we know exactly what we need to do and what type of service your vehicle is due.


If our mechanics find any faults during the service they will ask you to take a look so they can show you exactly what is wrong and then will calculate a price for the replacement.


Usually we can have the new part delivered within an hour to save you having to book a second appointment so you can be back on the road as soon as possible.

When we are finished you can hop in and come on the road test with us to make sure you are happy. All this and our prices start from just £79.99 plus VAT.


So if you need your new car or any other vehicle servicing then give us a call on 0800 9550030.




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