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Vehicle Servicing

  • Only Main Dealership trained mechanics - We only employ mechanics who have this un-rivaled training and experience.
  • Genuine parts are used as standard in order to maintain your manufacturer warranty.
  • Honest and totally transparent - You’re welcome to watch us work and even join us on any road tests.
  • Home or Work - We travel to a location convenient for you so you can get on with you're business.

Contact Us

  1. Get in touch by phone or email
  2. Tell us your vehicle registration, current mileage and date of last service
  3. Our Computer system can then tell us which service your vehicle manufacturer recommends depending on the information you have given us
  4. With prices from £79.99 plus vat and unbeatable service and convenience, we’re sure you’re going to be a customer and friend for years to come

Following each manufacturers servicing schedule to the letter, this is where we excel and of course we do all this at your place of convenience!

Once it’s been established what type of service your vehicle requires and you’ve made an appointment with us, we come out to you, explain fully what it is we’ll be checking replacing and cleaning, and then we go to work. 

There’s no mess and no fuss. We try to make things as simple and convenient for you as we can, but still making sure you know everything has been done correctly and to the highest of standards.

In case you’d like us to tell you more...

Your vehicle registration will be entered in to our computer system which will then allow us to access the manufacturer’s service schedule so we know exactly what it is we need to do and what type of service your vehicle is due.

Your vehicle will be jacked up on our air jacks so our technician can get full access to the underneath of your vehicle, we then put a rubber matt on the floor just in case there’s any fluid spillages, and as we work through the service schedule, we tick off all what’s been done on our check lists so you can have a copy at the end for future reference.

Where required, genuine parts are used so your manufacturers warranty remains valid, and if we find anything with a fault, we ask if you want a quick look so we can show you what’s wrong, and then we will calculate a price for replacement and normally if you wish us to we can have the new part delivered to us within the hour to save you having to make a second appointment for replacement.

When we’re finished, we invite you to join us on the road test, and then we stamp your service book and provide you with a copy of our detailed check list so you know exactly what’s been done.

Simple and convenient for you, detailed and complex for your vehicle, the perfect combination!

Please click through to our service checklist page for a brief example of the differences between a Minor and Major service, although please bear in mind we will use the specific list set by YOUR vehicle manufacturer on the day.

Manufacturer Warranty
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